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My portfolio showcases some of the commercial and personal projects created throughout my career. Proprietary materials are not included for obvious reasons.

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I love to write. And I’ve done a lot of it throughout my varied career. No matter where I work, writing is the common thread of my contributions. Yes, my degrees support that claim as does my experience. But I can say that writing goes as far back as childhood when I read books voraciously and then did my best to emulate Nancy Drew mysteries and stories of girls who loved horses.

It took a while for me to realize that it was one of my gifts. I first noticed when I wrote a letter/proposal for one of my early professional jobs. It was a weekend, so I saved it and went home, planning to send it on Monday. Early Monday morning I re-read the document to ensure it was error-free. As I read it, I thought to myself, did I write this? It reads really well! From then on, my confidence grew as did my skill. To this day, I re-read my work to feel the pleasure and satisfaction of a piece well written.

I can write blogs, articles, proposals, technical documents, white papers, and marketing copy. My experience spans the corporate world to small business in areas of health/wellness, education, financial services, technology, oil and gas, electricity, and lifestyles. New challenges excite me and I’m good at doing the research needed to bring together topic with audience along with incorporating SEO and keyword tactics for search ranking results.

I’m never bored with my life. I have hobbies that range from textile arts to crazy cat lady. Time is a precious commodity that I intend using wisely at all times. I’d love to use some of that time to write for you. 


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